7/8/13 – You Can Come Home

I got up early and went to work. Meditation sucked, but at least I did it. Work was unproductive – although I got the billing done and some returns out. My manager went MIA – his daughter-in-law said he was in the hospital but he wasn’t admitted. At least it got my other partner to the point of willing to hire Melissa back. I now need to get her on board as my advocate and not just everyone’s Manager. I hope she can start earlier than two weeks.

I called Hunter in the morning and talked. She picked up the phone and answered nicely right off the bat. We talked about Son and his new aide Johnny (she is not a fan of his but do you expect when you call yourself Johnny it doesn’t invoke confidence). Then I quietly asked if I could come home now. She quickly said “Yes,” but warned me that it couldn’t be like last week. So I will go home Wednesday. Give her a few days additional space.

She was cordial saying good night with kids, but it is tough with the kids wanting TV.

I texted her tonight during RHWOC. She texted back – mainly short one word answers, but she did text.

Cordial is better than cold or angry. Cordial means hope for the future.

Talked with my sister for almost an hour and a half. She is being very supportive and good ideas:
1. Spend more time with the kids to give Hunter space.
2. Keep a journal to put down the thoughts and emotions without disturbing Hunter with them.
3. Don’t change for her, but make me the best me out there.
4. There will be more women for me out there. I may not believe that but glad to hear it.
5. Have more realistic expectations.

She also mentioned that she doesn’t believe in The One just like Hunter. I’m guessing I am one of the few. I will think about changing my mind on the subject.

Thinking about putting an elliptical into the garage to work out on.

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