7/12/13 – Small Kisses

Woke up early and went to the gym. Got to work early and got some things done. Talked with Mike and his “we need to save money.”. God those knuckle heads are clueless. I just need to keep by butt in the gym, my heart with Hunter, and my time efficiently working and then networking after 9/15. Time to start looking for a job in SD.

Dinner was rough. SCR had a great day at camp, but was a royal pain at dinner. Then he had a complete crying meltdown over washing his hair with adult soap. So afraid of his eyes stinging. Hunter and I yelled at him and she threatened to cut his hair if he wouldn’t wash and take care of it. Eventually Hunter got him to do it, and he was so proud of himself. I supported his achievement – Hunter not so much. But I will do it again tomorrow to make sure we solidify his achievement.

Hunter worked later than anticipated, but came down later and hung out with me in my bedroom. No sex, but I didn’t think we would. But she almost fell asleep in my arms and I think she liked it. I walked her to her bedroom door and we kissed. No tongues, but she gave a double hug and closed her eyes before a nicer kiss. Not too long / rather short / but longer than the quick pull away pecks I have historically gotten. Small improvements mean a lot to me.

Now I need to keep working out, working hard at work, and not pushing too hard with the questions or sex. I think she appreciated that I didn’t push too hard and just snuggled for the last twenty minutes.

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