7/13/13 – Sleeping Upstairs Again

Started out ok – decent morning. Signed up at the gym in the morning with Son. We all took the kids to swim lessons, then I went and worked out. Then Daughter and I went to Sean’s party. She wasn’t interested in playing too much with the boys, but did well. Talked a lot to a very hot single mom, but I need to work on listening and not talking much. She approached me in Sean’s bedroom where the kids were playing. Offering parenting ideas and talking about my wife not being there.  The mother took things on a divergent path. It was nice to see that there are opportunities out there if things don’t workout. I just want them to work out.

That night Hunter and I watched Love Actually. Horrible moving – everyone is a cheat but me. Then she invited me to sleep upstairs and we got into a small fight over sex. I deescalated it, but she is pretty determined not to be with me. At least before she decided on divorce we could have lousy sex – now nothing. It’s not even the pleasure but the shutdown. I’m so dejected about it. I hope things come around soon or I can find a way to let her go.

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