7/16/13 – Our Church Called

Gym, work, took our Senior to lunch with my partner and made a good decision for lunch, and moderated dinner portions. Hunter and I have been talking about yesterday and I reiterated (traditional or modern family) they are our children, our family, and they need to conform to our standards of parenting.

She seems a bit perplexed about “us” and if there is an “us.” I am guessing she sees no “us” and is always stunned by my assertion. Maybe she is reacting to my statements of future or no future. Definitely need to use the affirmative of “us” with her so that she starts getting used to the idea.

Wrote her a card and letter this morning. Did not mail it – will rewrite the letter tomorrow with this in mind (absent future no future language).

Nicolette at Church called and has arranged for an aid for Son. Hunter made me called since she thought they were going to kick him out. Not an unusual thought from my perspective. They offered to get us a counselor and help pay for it (for Hunter and I) not just Son. It was quite a gesture It really moved me heart wise. Small miracles – hopefully god will open Hunter’s heart to our love and help us heal our family. We will need to be strong and together for the kids issues over the next several years.

Keep the faith!

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