8/18/13 – She Tells Me About Fucking Chris

This is the day she told me that she actually slept with Chris.  About how they would hook-up when they were traveling.  I talked her out of leaving the house, but she was packing her bags when we discussed her affair.  She loved him and told him so first.  He didn’t love her back, and she felt worse for her about what happened to her than what she did to me.

When I finally got her settled down and downstairs to talk she spoke about wanting someone who was more interested in their health and appearance.  How she wanted to eat more dinners outside on the back patio furniture.  “why did we spend $8,000 on furniture and never use it?”  How she hadn’t loved me since after our daughter was born.  How she wanted to paint the garage – the first thing she wanted to do post divorce.

I don’t remember a whole lot about that day other than when she told me she had sex with Chris she had her hands on my cheek in a reenactment of her kissing him and that hand movement still haunts me whenever I see it.

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