11/28/13 – She Kisses Me

Strange Thanksgiving Day. Hunter suggested I take the kids to the park for an hour while she baked the pie in the morning. So I told her I would take the kids to my parents for an hour and bring donuts for breakfast. She was upset about the fact it took 2 hours because it’s takes time to drive them and back and buy donuts.

Then she got all pissy over what she thinks I am saying – sometimes when I am just signing. I kept asking her what did I say and she doesn’t answer. I am sure it is like the texting where she thinks every text is about me calling her names.

That caused a monster fight. It took a long time for her to chill enough to stay for dinner. We watched the Princess and the Frog after dinner. I snuggled with her and she snuggled with daughter while Son alternated between movie and coloring. I told her that would happen if I drank the Belgium Ale she bought me. We kissed a couple of times – one real kiss upstairs in Sons room during the reading time.

We snuggled a little more why she watched Vanderpump on demand and then we went to our separate beds. I know its a false reality but it does help me sleep better.

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