12/25/13 – Chinese Food Christmas

The morning went off without a hitch. Slept in a little. Kids opened all of the gifts. Daughter wanted more. Son no as much but he got through them all. He is so in love with the Octonauts set, and it was nice to see Hunter building things so they can play. Maybe her BPD will morph into the mother role and keep her pussy from becoming a sewage dump.

I know she doesn’t want to be with me physically but I’m guessing I’m going to keep pushing it until it completely breaks the relationship. Not healthy but probably necessary to start moving on. Plus she was so nice to give my parents and me gifts today. Then again I couldn’t because she would never where them…

Went to my sisters with Son and things went well. We took off to get home by 3:30 so we could go to dinner. She didn’t each lunch so she’s hungry. I suggest take-out since Son has never done well at Chin’s but Hunter wants to go out. Twenty minute plus drive and she wants to dictate the meal which is fine with me. She picks the Pu-Pu platter for the kids instead of meals and we split a meal and soup. She eats 1/3 of the Pu-Pu platter (I eat nothing but 1/2 of Sons egg roll) and two cups of soup.

Of course the kids are still hungry and I share my half of the shrimp dish and my rice with Piper. Son flips out over food in his teeth. Daughter needs to go to the bathroom and those two things sets Hunter off. I try and keep a happy face and get a toothpick so Hunter can get the food out of Sons teeth.

She keeps threatening them with no ice cream, taking them out side, etc, and I’m just starting to break down. Then she starts yelling at Daughter when the kids are going back and forth. Each one making face and noises at the other, but does she even look at Son. NO. SHE JUST YELLS AT HER AND LETS SON HAVE A FREE RIDE. SHE IS GOING TO DESTROY HER. IF IT WASNT FOR THE MONEY OR EMBARRASSMENT SHE WOULD ABANDON BOTH OF THEM. The right move is to let Piper and I go and send her checks. This idea pisses me off more so do I go to my happy place – no. Just blank. I haven’t looked her in the eyes or said more than 10 words to her in an hour +. Why waste time and energy on this women if she isn’t even going to work on herself.

She even complained about the music on the radio on the way home (“1975” – yeah they are hip right now). I told her she could change it but “no” I just said I didn’t like it. I’m in fucking hell.

Three fortune cookies with the check – does she offer me one – no. All for her and the kids. But please let me pay. Get home and she is yelling at the kids to talk to her dad. Don’t know if she got to her mom, but probably not.

Twelve years of this bitch attitude. Nothing is ever good enough for her and yet she lies, cheats, steals, and ignores the needs of her family and friends for her own personal desires. At what point is this woman going to get it. I hope there is a special place in hell for her and Chris. I more and more want to get a hold of that email from Holli and send it to Hunter. What a way to extract vengeance on the life she stole from me.

Rudolph on the tv – Daughter knows so much. She is smart in a very different way.

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