1/7/14 – You Wore Me Down

Woke up several times last night. That whole “we getting divorced because you wore me down” just pisses me off. What a total self-centered bitch. We are divorcing because you are a lying manipulative brat who cheats on anyone who loves you because you don’t love yourself. And you don’t love yourself because you don’t know how to stop and think of others before yourself. What a fucking whore – there is said it. Cheating on me all over the country and I wore her down.

She gets an std and blames Patrick and tells Patrick it was me. She is a horrible human being and I bet she will not be able to use today’s break of dawn to try a fresh start and be kind compassionate and generous. Otherwise there will be no more money for the kids college funds or anything else that matters. She thinks that I have to be the one to pay for everything so that she has a retirement and nest egg for the rest of her life. I still can’t believe that she wanted to keep all of the 529 plans and expected to not pay me out for it because I was going to “take out the money.” I know what she is going to do with the ESPP – take out the money and upgrade the bathroom. That’s why she wants to keep so much cash – to upgrade the home. What a fucking selfish bitch.

I also noticed that the Legos we were going to give Son for Christmas are still in the downstairs closet. I am sure she is waiting until his birthday to give them to him so she doesn’t have to pay for anything. Why does she have to be just like her mom? I am getting tired of hating her and being upset around her. Time to move on now that she has moved over the mortgage and utilities.

Got a nice text response this morning from my text re: 2 hour drive time. And then implying it was my job to find someone to watch the kids on 1/20, ie my parents. As usual she won’t come up with a solution just a problem but expects me to solve it for her. How about sister-in-law come and watch them?

Or like last night – how come you didn’t contact the hiring manager at the spin off like you said you would. I am beginning to doubt she sent in the resume personally. Probably just ran it through the regular channels. Is that how he got the job at PwC? No I went through my fraternity brother and you cheated on me with that gift of mine. Did you get your QCOM gig that way? No Greg talked to Steve personally first and then handed over your resume. For someone so smart you seem to fail so miserably at human relations. Worse than me which is sad. Then again maybe I got worse because of you and it’s upside now. We will see how things are on Thursday when I see you again. Btw – not even a thank for getting my parents to watch the kids. Probably won’t thank them either!

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