1/9/14 – Why Don’t You Move Into My Brothers Place?

So woke up early and instead of working out I went down stairs and snuggled. She doesn’t even blink – just roles over into position and goes back to sleep. Just cracks me up. But when I want a few kisses then she doesn’t want there to be any miscommunications. Yeah I know – I’m hear solely for me and once I move out your boyfriend will move in until he figures you are bat shit crazy and then you will come back for me. Just need FWB and we are good to go. May happen in a few months after busy season. I’m still guessing it will happen with a little space and time and then we can be good to go for a while after all of the arguments for assets and custody.

Looked at a few apartments. Think I found the one. Just need to fill out the application and put down the security fee. What a strange world.

I called Hunter to talk with her about it. She seemed a little stunned. I think she is conflicted. She would like me to stay (for money and probably comfort) but needs some time away from me. Which I totally understand. She was hesitant about saying she was 100% done. Total BPD with abandonment issues, but that works for me emotionally right now. Nice to have the option for a little snuggle now and then. I am sure I could find a way to fill up my free time (not like there will be much) with drinks but I am probably just going to work instead and make that a priority for a while. Mostly networking.

Besides, maybe there is a way for the two of us to figure things out. Or at least not kill each other in the process.

She said she would cover all of the kids costs and the house costs until we get all the assets and supports agreed upon. Plus I would have access to the house and agreed to slowly transition the kids into the custody arrangement so I would be over 7944 on weekends and then one night a week (probably make that a night out at Wahoos or something not too expensive) and have a fun time like that. It would give each of us space and let the kids still see and feel my presence. Then once they are used to the process after busy season maybe we do a night over then two night or something like that. Maybe during busy season I can do a sleep over once in a while but I need to discuss the furniture issue with Hunter since some of it will need to come over with me and it would be nice not to have to buy all new stuff for everything. The tv is going to be the hardest part since it and the Blu-ray will come with me. Don’t know how I will move it but it will eventually come over or she is going to come out of pocket for most of the values.

Wow – she comes home and tells me she spoke with her brother and wants me to move into his place and she can sleep there on my days with the kids and I sleep there on her days. He’ll discount over the apartment – no utilities deposits – won’t have to furnish for the kids since they will stay at 7944 – take as much time to look for a house – no lease break fee etc.

All I’m thinking is being trapped where I can’t take anyone back or go out and she can go fuck anyone & possibly on my new bed. I know she wouldn’t do it in my apartment but might in her brothers townhouse. Maybe I am overthinking it. I got a bet he’ll want $1k a month which would be the amount Hunter wants me to pay for child support. Then she’ll want me to pay child support of a grand and she hasn’t changed her financial situation but I’m out again. Who knows – I’m guessing Ben would say NO.

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