1/18/14 – She Is Snooping Through My Digital Accounts

This morning sucked as I realized I screwed up the date last night. I should have walked L to her car and kissed her instead of the hug goodnight. I’m guessing I’m permanently in the friend zone. Doubt I will hear from her again. I’ll text her next week and find out what’s up. My computer this morning was restarted And I don’t remember shutting it down yesterday just locking it. Also – it appeared that she went through my wallet this morning since it was moved when I came downstairs. She also put in toilet paper in my bathroom last night – always a sign that she was up there. She also grilled me hard last night when I came home about what I was doing. I’m guessing she thinks I’m dating. Probably going through my iCloud email account on sons phone. She charged it up in her bedroom after we came home. She had to literally take the phone off the charger in the kitchen to plug her phone in the kitchen and move Sons phone into her room. I’m guessing that’s how she knows I’m online. She snoops into everything…

This morning I signed the lease  and finalized my choice of bedroom furniture. Just need to buy it tomorrow.

Swim lessons together – Hunter got her hair done and I hung with the kids. Daughter napped the entire time. Then dinner at Casa De Bandini.

Kids watched Snow White and then went to bed. Hunter and I snuggled and she gavetook care of me. Then kicked me out to sleep. Still won’t sleep next to me. Not sure what her dividing line is. She won’t get naked either or show me the girls whatsoever. She is definitely messed up in the head.

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