1/21/14 – She Locks Our Daughter In The Bathroom In The Dark

Wow – what a day. Woke up and went down to snuggle for a few minutes. Then got sons, breakfast and lunch with the weeks snack ready. She took them both and I split.

Texted L and she texted back. Nothing big – but it’s nice to have someone (albeit plutonic) new to talk to. Been stuck in business and Hunter hell too long. Even talked with a guy at the gas station about cars (Corvette cab & 335i v 550i). I’m sure Hunter would have been embarrassed since I’m not her precious fucking Seattle soul mate.

Came home late (6:45) and everyone is on the couch watching Sophia and no one moves. I come home and I pause or turn off the tv so they all run to her but she can’t bother since she likes being the center of attention. I have dinner (thank you Hunter) then when the show is over she starts yelling at Son and I take daughter up for bath.

She gets into a yelling match with Son where she eventually shuts him in his room without the light on. She comes to help daughter after bath and gets into a match over coming out of the tub and she turns off the light in the bathroom and leaves daughter alone in the dark in the bathroom stuck in the tub. I come over and daughter is crying and asking why mommy left her all alone. Hunter is no where to be found.

I help daughter get dressed, hair combed, and dressed for bed. Read her the Chickadee book and then Hunter came up for prayers and yelled at her again – did prayers – and then left.

After I say goodnight to daughter Son comes out and we talk. He’s ready to do the right thing and listen to mom. I have him go find and talk to her. By this time Hunter has removed all his toys from his room again and left him in the dark for 1/2 hour. Then teeth and bed for him after shower. She and I talk when he’s in the shower as Hunter asks why I’m taking the pictures of our cats.

She goes on about Steve and her working with Taylor. She totally has a crush on him or even an affair starting with him. She has been sulking in her room writing emails. I even caught her in the dark in the front room emailing. Not sure who but she is definitely up to her typical lie, cheat, steal style. Once a cheating whore always a cheating whore. Then again she had a “late scare” a couple of years ago while down here so I don’t know who she was fucking but I’ve been using condoms since daughter was born. Thankfully no new diseases.

She got pissy after a discussion about Friday.

– you know son had a dentist appointment on Friday.

– yes

– are you working from home?

– yes I have a dentist appointment in the morning, Ben at noon, and a chiro appointment in the afternoon.

– so you can watch him

– I’m getting the impression I am supposed to watch him Friday.

– I have a meeting at noon. I can do a call-in but I would rather be there in person (aka I don’t want to watch son I have to work).

– please do a call-in.

– silence and she walks away mad.

I go upstairs and she hides in her room with her alcohol. What a brat!

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