2/10/14 – She Is More BPD Than I Realize

Still looking into Caribbean jobs. I found at least a couple of different recruiter sites so there is hope.

I told Jim Hunter was BPD and looked into some handling strategies when divorcing her. The Distortion Campaign was completely her with me as target when she was fucking Chris and then Chris was the target afterwards. So much he got divorced and moved out of the state. I’m sure she has used it against me recently with her family. I hope not work and if I found out again I will definitely leave.

It was amazing to read the gaslighting and emotional abuse these people dole out. I see her doing a lot of that too me recently – the hidden texting and swiping them in front of me – the shit with the rings – manipulating the kids against me.

I’m trying to see this relationship as me working with a sick person and not taking it personally but it’s tough.

It was funny to see her happy on FaceTime and wanting to talk to me but I just waved goodbye. Still hard to not be in-love and maintain composure and hang with the kids and family. Will have to work on that.

I may have to update the blog for dealing with a BPD instead of my divorce and feelings.

Of course a total fail this evening. Watching Vanderpump reunion and texting her all night. Say GN booboo and get just the GN back. Need to figure out her attitude – she gave props to Tom for breaking up with his girl. I suppose she thinks I should be a man and do the same…

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