2/19/14 – Stopping By In The Afternoon

So Ben would not be happy with me today – much less my sister.

My dad went into the hospital last night for bleeding.  Everyone is assuming it was the colonoscopy, but he was losing a lot of blood so they kept him overnight.  He is in for another colonoscopy today to see if that was the problem.  Nobody sounds too worried since the bleeding appears to have stopped, but that is a lot of uncomfortable work being done on him.

Anyway, Hunter was home sick this morning and finally responded to my text from last night about having the family celebrate another “Good Behavior” certificate that he got from school.  This one from Bucca – I am sure we will get the monster sized gelato Sundae for desert.  He didn’t practice yesterday because he thought they started without him (just a couple of kids warming up before practice), and had a meltdown in the parking lot.  His behavior seems to be a bit erratic right now even for him, but the family is going through a lot of transitions.  And according to Hunter he hasn’t seen TV in two days because she has been punishing him and Daughter for various things like not listening and drawing tattoos on her face with the washable markers.  I wish I knew how to take away some of that pain for the kids.  Hunter seems to be handling the calls fine and the kids are generally in good spirits so I’m guessing its part of the show.

So we text a little back and forth – mostly clearing up communication issues where she is reading into the emails her own thoughts and not just the plain text of the text – and she lets me know she is going to rest for an hour or two.  Wasn’t sure what to make of the comment, but I decide to stop by at lunch and see how she is doing.  When I get there she is on the phone, and getting out of the car.  She had gone shopping at Ralph’s.

I helped bring in the groceries and hugged and kissed her.  Of course, its why are you here what do you want.  I say because you missed the snuggle.

– Why do you always say that?

– Because you always start smiling when I finally hug you and hold you and try to not but I see it.

– She walks away without saying anything.

We sit at the table and she eats her lunch while we talk about the kids and what I miss when I am gone.  Like Daughter using the washable markers to put tattoos all over her face.  Or Sons Ruby’s menu with breakfast on one side and lunch on the other – Ruby’s drawing on each side.  If that kid decides to finally get some training he could be an amazing artist.

Afterwards I tell her let’s go.  She says where?  In my bed (the downstairs one) for some inappropriate snuggle.  She starts walking up the stairs with me following her into her bedroom.  We snuggle and kiss for a little bit then she says if you want something we need to do it before I take a nap – this is my day of rest.

She won’t let me take off her clothes so she tells me to take mine off.  We hang out kissing and rubbing each other until I am satisfied.  Then we hang out and snuggle for a while longer until she suggests I leave before Son gets home and has a confusing conversation with Ms. Julia.  Very different feel than the last few months where she almost resented what she was doing and she was sober not drinking so I am not sure of what to make of it.  Either she is trying to play me and if that’s true I wonder what assets have gone missing from her schedule (other than the QualStar bonus money she got – assuming it was a grand but she said a bill) or if the fact I stopped by and am including her in the dinner’s (although we have stated she buy, but maybe we will go dutch) is helping to relieve the stress.  Maybe she just felt so alone after the last fight that she was relieved to not be alone again.  Although I did stress when talking about the putting the Christmas ornaments in the attic that she would be calling me to get them up and down that I would be living in a different house.

Got some work accomplished and we’ll see how tonight’s dinner goes – hot dogs!

Dinner was easy and fun, although Hunter does seem to yell a lot at the kids if they don’t do exactly as she says.  And poor Daughter. I know she eats way too much with her hands, but constantly yelling at her about getting ketchup on her sleeves is a bit much.

Took some effort to get Daughter through the shower/bath/hair/teeth/story phase.  She must have been wired to see me since she was all fun and crazy. Although she doesn’t listen too much.  I little bit of effort and without distraction from Son would do her some good. Hunter told me she bit her yesterday.  That’s three people in two weeks.  Not good.

Son did great, but Hunter took care of him mostly.  We played Wii after everyone was done that we said prayers and put everyone to bed.

I started to get frisky with Hunter after the kids were upstairs, and she finally said it was time to go to bed.  Sounds like Daughter kept her up until 10pm, so neither of them got to sleep.

Talked to my mom and it sounds like Dad is doing fine and will come home Thursday without any issues.

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