3/5/14 – Splitting Again

It’s starting again with her. I don’t acquiesce to her desire about putting Son in a baseball clinic and instant brat. No you cannot come over Saturday morning – you can meet us at swim. You can stay over Saturday night only and only if you sleep downstairs. On “my night” of course. And no invite for Friday but she will come to dinner with us on Saturday and I am sure I will get stuck with the bill. I only need to get through busy season and then move forward. My heart may not like things but it’s the right thing to do. She is broken and won’t get help.

Oh, and what happened to that right away next appointment? Non-existent. Another stall tactic – got to be her way of trying to get a boyfriend before I am gone. I doubt she is really trying to “get comfortable” with me again. As long as I have nothing at work to do tonight I will hang out afterwards and listen to her. I am sure she enjoys talking to somebody unless all of the FB and texting is a new guy then it will be phone and me out.

Time with the kids was good, but Daughter is still not much into listening. I’m trying to get her to use her words for attention instead of bad behavior but she learns so much from Son and Hunter. Son told me she yelled a lot yesterday at them. Very sad.

Tried to talk with Hunter but she is determined to be alone or unfriendly with me. Guess I have to let her sink her life on her own.

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