3/9/14 – Wondering Why She Keeps Kissing Me

Locked my keys in the apartment so I had to work on the stairs. Texted Hunter and she blew me off “didn’t get the text”. So she finally came by and picked me up and I worked from her house. She took the kids swimming and then went shopping.

We hung out on the couch for a little bit. She liked that but too many kisses. She seems to be ok with this little charade as long as she gets the kids, the money, and power. I’m sure she will flip when I start taking the kids again after next week. I could take them now but I need her to get a little more comfortable again before slowing bringing her around.

I’m guessing she wants to be friends as a test of love and then once everything has blown over or she found someone then we can do the divorce. I doubt she is even thinking that far. I’m guessing she is just avoiding the pain and it is easier to full around with me a little then to find love outside. She knows there probably isn’t much love out there for her. She is too messed up right now for that. Although she does like the freedom and control of me not being in the house but she doesn’t like to be alone.

At my parents for dinner and then dropping them off at her house. One last kiss for all three and then gone.

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