4/1/14 – Back And Forth From Hunter

Another great and interesting weekend. Although with kids and work it’s hard to find time to write.

I texted and watched Breaking Bad Friday night. Also bought the complete Vampire Chronicles eBook since I had a monster credit from Barnes & Nobile’s publisher lawsuit. Hunter made a comment on Saturday about why rebuy if I have all the books.

– most of those books were gifts I gave to you so I just assumed you would keep them.

Helped out at swim but didn’t talk to her much. Went to baseball and my parents came. Again not much talk to Hunter. Son did ok, but seemed a little unhappy. I am guessing the heat.

Not sure if I am reading too much into the Anne Rice comment, but she seems to be getting more push/pull. When I got there on Saturday afternoon Daughter was still asleep and Son was drawing so I hung out on the couch with Hunter. Snuggled, kissed a little, put my hand on her belly and my fingers a little below the panty line (which were low riders anyways) and she didn’t say a word. Funny how I can put my fingers on her pubic hair line and she doesn’t even flinch. A typical push/pull BPD trait, yet I fall into every time. After a while I moved around and she put her head on my shoulder. She said she was going to see a movie or something – maybe she had a date. I don’t know he didn’t talk about it.

The kids and I headed over and had dinner and played some then movie night. I did my sisters taxes while they watched. Only one small disagreement with the kids and off we are to sleep.

Daughter got up around 6 and Son followed suit, but everyone bathed and got breakfast and off to church without a hitch. Afterwards we went To Cottonwood Creek park and had fun. They played a little too much in the water but no issues and the positive reinforcement works really well with these two – especially Daughter.

After nap movie we had a small issue with Son because he thought we would go to g/g right away but he had to wait. After about 20 min of calmly talking to him and letting him know that attitude isn’t allowed in my house I got him to apologize give me a hug and sit nicely on the ground with daughter before leaving.

Daughter had a coughing and through up a little as we left the apartment. I called Hunter and she answered with

– I’m (huff) having a snack (huff).

– never mind I will drop them off at 7:30.

I texted her to let her know what happened and that she needed to be pleasant.

When I dropped them off she had taken back the Jenga I asked for from his bday and bought connect 4. Really we agree on this and now she is cheating me out of $16 and I paid for her iphone cable. What a cheap manipulative brat. And she wonders why she has no friends and can only get guys by sleeping with them. Unfortunately now she knows that is the only thing anyone will ever be interested In her or her money. Must be a sad and scary place to be.

I talked with the kids last night and Hunter is yelling at both of them and so I let them go early but all Daughter keeps saying is she wants a sleepover tonight / tomorrow / etc. she is desperate to get out of that hell.

I texted Hunter this morning and let her know I could help out or trade days since it is her day 2 close. Still no word yet. Doubt she will take me up on my offer since then she will feel she owes me and she never wants to owe anyone anything. The truth is he knows she owes me everything and can never repay me or Patrick for how much we gave her so she won’t even try.

What a brat. Just got the text back – “I’m OK, can’t do much during 5pm -8pm at work anyway while we wait for GL to consolidate. I also don’t have PTA on Wednesday night – I sent you a cancellation – we’re meeting in the morning instead.”

Why did she bitch about not knowing how she was going to be able to do everything tonight with the dreaded day 2 close and when I offer to help she says she is ok. I told her I wasn’t going to offer to help anymore and to call me. No call. She calls and bitches about being overloaded. I offer to help she says no. She just wants to be miserable.

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