5/24/14 – Leave Me The Fuck Alone

So yesterday morning sucked. At least the beginning. Another phone call (to voicemail) and email and multiple texts from Hunter. What got me was the request to give the kids a card/gift each day she was gone. She used to do that for me up until 11 years ago when she talked me out of going to Boston on her first trip for the new client. Looking back it didn’t feel like she talked me out of it, but knowing that’s where they first made out and then “hooked up” the following week in Chicago I know it was planned.

Not intentionally, but she knew if I was there Chris wouldn’t be able to make a move on her. Since then the cards faded away in less than 12 months. I wonder if she ever thinks about the 10 year anniversary of her emailing Holli about fucking her husband on the road. The faked pregnancy and miscarriage. The vile person she turned into – at least to me. Ten years of being used because she didn’t want to be alone and poor and once she had to admit to her sin and had the money to walk – she did.

BPD is a nasty little thing. A three year old in a sexy adult body and she uses it to her advantage. Unfortunately only whores use their body for money, comfort, or friends.

She made a comment about her working out and muscles in her late afternoon text yesterday. I’m guessing she is trying to get me to chase. Otherwise why text me about getting the emergency exit on the plane and her new muscles from working out (with picture). I’m sure she is alone and wanted to know that someone was there for her.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Picked up the kids and then off to sons playoff game. He got hits each time at bat, and made a play, but he doesn’t seem that into it. He said he doesn’t want to play sports anymore this year. Hunter is going to be pissed. Not only is she trying to morph into the “soccer mom” personality since the professional and wife roles are gone, but she will be at the association pool all year and she hates the fact that it isn’t heated “enough.” If nothing is planned for her it will be the pool and park unless it rains then she will be at Playwerks. And one last text after the kids are in bed letting me know she made it safely. I wonder if she gets the fact I have not physically spoken to her in 9 days (text & email only).

After Saturday swim and errands (including feeding the cats and taking in her trash cans) we hang out at the apartment. Daughter is wacking her Merida doll with Anna and calling her stupid, stupid, stupid. I ask if kids call her that at school and she says no. Does Son call you that? No. Does mom call you that? No. Do you call other people that? No.

Then it dawns on me. Does mom call me that?

– Yes.

– We don’t use that word in my house.

– Ok and she goes on playing and not using that word.

Tough to combat that nonsense. She had daughter tell me that I needed to bring her clothes back because she doesn’t have enough for school. I have two outfits, so it’s not true. Hunter just doesn’t like that I have anything “she bought” even if it is pre-dissolution.

So much for the parent plan and not using the children as messengers….

So much for not talking bad about the other parent…

So much for protecting the children…

Oh wait. That’s for me to do for her. She can instigate a distortion campaign whenever she wants, but I have to play nice. I think she forgets I have her book notes. I’m guessing she is forgetting the scene where she has sex with Chris without a condom for the first time in the hotel room. I’m guessing she is going to have issues in the future.

Besides she was supposed to call this morning and never did. I guess when you have other people (brother, sister, mom) telling you they love you, you forget the kids.

I wonder if she will feel bad about wrecking so many marriages in her life when her sister gets married. Or the fact that her sister is the only person in her family not to cheat on a spouse. Mainly because she isn’t married yet. Although I think the sister-in-law has a chance of staying faithful. She has a different disposition compared to the others.

She finally calls before lunch and I send it to vmail. The kids haven’t even mentioned her except when prompted (as above). Son shows no interest in the present. It takes him 40 minutes to unwrap it – although that’s not new for him. To be nice we take a picture and send it to Hunter with the caption thank you (each holding his/her gift). It’s important to get the kids in a habit of being thankful. I get a text back of her legs and toes freshly mani/pedi’d. Not just the toes, but mid/high thigh down without a stitch of fabric shown. Just skin from freshly shaved legs and painted toes. I get that would be a couple thing to do. Or a bit of modern courtship thing. But not to someone you are divorcing. She must be feeling needy somehow. It makes it hard to be nice to this. And still no final write-up on the move to Orange County clause…

One last text with picture from Hunter before the rehearsal dinner. View of the lake her sister will get married at. Not sure why she is sending so much. I don’t respond. Just spending the afternoon with my sister and parents for dinner. Relaxing and enjoying time with family. Time for a beer and start it up all over again tomorrow. Hopefully Hunter is to busy to text and call every two to three hours.

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