6/14/14 – Kiss & Blush

Watched a lot more House today. Finished season 1 and started season 2. Did some errands & chores – dry cleaners, grocery, laundry, dishes, and bathrooms (sans mirrors). Really need to get a maid service in here soon.

Before Hunter dropped off the kids she sent several texts in timing and then an email on Thursdays. All this communication pissed me off. Pretty much convinced no matter how up-to-date I keep our online calendar and how much I discuss things with her there will always be daily confirms and questions. Giving me a lot of reasons to resettle north of the SD County line.

There are several detached condos in Oak Creek and Quail Hill in my price range that would work. Both places Hunter and I wanted to set roots down. Actually lived in Oak Creek for several years in a rented town home before her great last job in Sorento Valley. I would miss my kids dearly, but I would be free from her more often.

She keeps wanting her church events. I emailed her and said that would be fine but I would need to know where she was going if I’m going to act as babysitter. I’m not interested in babysitting so she can meet and date other guys. After what she’s done I think that is fair. Besides I can eat her out of house and home when I’m there I can read to my daughter before bed. One of my favorite pastimes. Besides, if all things go well it will only be a few months before I bail.

When she came by today she had gifts from the kids. I asked what they were and she told they were for Fathers Day. Totally forgot about it. I took a peek and she had the kids put their feet in paint and then she used them to paint butterfly’s. She does have her mothers talent for art (as well as faking it). I will have to thank her for that.

I just knew we were going to the Fair. Hunter hates it and last year she went out of her way to make sure I didn’t go with the kids.

I get why I was so miserable. She hated the fact that she needed to step up and take care of the kids when before she never needed to so she took it out on me. I was always taking care of the kids and running a practice.

Last year I told her what I wanted to do for Fathers Day (we went to fair the year before as well) and she took the kids to church while I was in the shower. “To let me sleep in on my special day.” Then she took them to the park and came home for lunch. I get it this is his routine, but it’s my day.

I didn’t even ask her to come with us. Just me and the kids. She told me I could take them after our daughters nap. I was raging. Sure go to the fair on a Sunday at 4pm. What fun is that when we have to leave in a couple of hours for a BBQ with my dad? All that so she didn’t have to go to the fair. The year before she wouldn’t eat anything since it’s all fattening. Of course we sat next to a farmers market stand with fresh fruit and vegetables.

And tonight she is shopping for clothes again. I’m guessing a new swimsuit as she sent me 16 more pictures she took of them today. Every Saturday is beach or swim.

I made a comment as she was leaving that she would do that all summer. She kept going on and on about they like to be in the water. I told her that’s the difference between her and us. I like to be in the water with the kids and she likes to sit on a beach. She gave me a weird look. I told her to think of every time we have gone. I’m always playing with them and he watches. I may not be 10% body fat but at least I am participating in life. She is a spectator. At least I was. Right now I only participate in Netflix.

Just to confuse her I gave her a hug goodbye. Before I let go I told her to give me a kiss. She said no and so I let her go and puckered my lips and there it was. Her kiss and blush.

I am sure tomorrow I will not hear from her. She will be too scared that I will misinterpret the communication. At least I can have fun with my kids and my dad at the fair in peace.

Right now I wish I had gotten him a gift. I guess I will be paying for everything tomorrow. At least the kids were pretty good at Five Guys.

However daughter seems to be getting more and more of her behavior from son. Yelling, screaming and throwing punches when she doesn’t get what she wants. I see her own ADHD getting worse and she is starting to forgo naps around the same time as son. At least she isn’t ASD. I doubt either of us could handle that. I just wish I could remove her so she wouldn’t make all of these habits permanent. She will never realize these are not appropriate until it is too late for her to reverse the autonomic responses built into her during this phase of life.

Thankfully I am getting my son trained on getting his own refills and ketchup. These are small things to other parents, but to me they are big steps in broadening his horizons. Unlike my daughter it never occurs to him to do these things. She does them (or wants to) before he does. Strange strange world….

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