6/19/14 – Change of Plans

Typical play by Hunter. It’s my day to pick up the kids and spend the evening with them at my house. Two days ago I left her a message after our fight that I wasn’t comfortable going over there anymore. She doesn’t listen to my messages anymore so she told my son that we would be staying at her place tonight.

This blows him up and I spend the night trying to keep him from hurting me or my daughter. An hour of being hit, spit, bit, and yelled at about how I am pure evil and I’m not his father anymore. I finally lift him up and gently put him on her bed to allow my daughter out of Hunters shower (where we went to hide out) since my son is hitting me with a toy pail while she is showering. He starts spitting at me and I out the pail over his mouth and he flips out.

I finally just leave him alone and he goes and messes things up downstairs eating junk food and breaking toys. When I get daughter to bed I come down and we talk a minute, hug and kiss goodnight. He goes upstairs and Hunter comes home and I leave.

I text her to call me but she doesn’t. I can’t deal with this. We need a new plan otherwise this fatherhood will end. I fucking hate this shit right now. I hope Hunter gets her shit together soon or they won’t see me as a father anymore – just the person mom says hurts them.

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