9/10/14 – Can U Just Call My Cell

More need for confirmation of the plans for the kids this weekend. That cracks me up. She is in charge of the calendar, but no longer lists when the kids are at my place unless she has something planned.

She texts me to confirm this weekend, and we go back and forth on things. Me: just like last weekend, but drop-off at 3 instead of 5. More texts about what day – my parents watching the kids – she calls I let it go to vmail. Then I get the can u just call my cell text. She is working out and there is a few minutes of her talking leaving messages and me not responding – thankfully she got my text thanking her last night or she was worried. I tell she seemed busy and ignored me last night, but I understood you were doing things and you said to text if I wasn’t going.

She goes into stress at work and stress at PTA and then kids and scheduling. How she doesn’t have time to work out but will rip someone’s head off if she doesn’t get the stress out. We fix the basics of our miscue (my mistype and her assumption) then siting duties. 18 minutes later I’m off the phone.

Why can’t she just put it on the calendar and let it be? She doesn’t love me and I’m nothing to her why do I want to hear about her work or PTA? Tell me about the emotional, social, and physical health of my kids and the leave the rest out. I don’t need to hear about the insurance issues or how she ripped apart the insurance person at my sons friends club. She chose to be in charge of it, so send me a final bill and leave me alone.

What is she going to do with those kids 12 days in a row?

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