9/14/14 – Do You Remeber When Mom Called The Cops On You

What a strange couple of days. Got most of 9/15 done and out the door on Friday. One client sent over info at the end of Friday so I wasn’t expecting to get it done on time with such late timing. I pick up my son after work and things go great with the exception of another “bee” incident at the playground. At leas now he doesn’t go haywire – he just wants to go home after that.

Hunter Saturday morning was a bit stressed about work when we were at swim. Not sure why she is still talking to me about work, much less ripping a team member a new asshole. I make a comment that if you had helped me get hired there you wouldn’t have an issue. She makes a comment on how she didn’t hire her, but she wants to fire a couple of people. I get it – why bring the one person in the world who could destroy all her credibility, much less whatever peace she can find into her dating pool. I wouldn’t do it, but then again I’ve always been honest and faithful while she consistently lies. I’m sure she would get tired of me asking what she did from 3pm to 6pm when she is used to being able to go to the spa or beach without me knowing she was gone.

My daughter was another story. Hunter drops her off yesterday and she’s pissed – “she didn’t take her nap and she’s been lying.”

I tell her I could read her face. Hunter also tells me that daughter hit one of her best friends with a fist in the face on Friday. Daughter is just getting worse. Her entire time at my place she is making bad choices on purpose for attention and throwing monster fits for tv and junk food.

At one point she is screaming about how she is glad mom hates me and cheated on me because she doesn’t want to be in time out she wants Clone Wars. I lose it and yell at her about not saying this things.

She tells me I’m mad because I’m jealous of mom. I ask her if she knows what that mean and she says know. I ask her why mom says I’m jealous and she tells me it’s because mom has all the money.

I finally walk away and let her cool down before we got to Chick-fil-A. As last week she is asleep before we get there. When we get home she wants me to carry her and throws a fit again. It doesn’t help that the Sarks hasn’t brought enough players to Boston and USC is sucking wind.

By the time it’s bed time she climb a in and asks me if I remember when mom called the cops on me. I ask who told her that, and she says it was her brother. I tell her mom never called the cops on me. Then daughter asks me how did mom kick me out without the cops? I ask her who told her that mom kicked me out. Daughter tells me mom. I explain to her that I left because mom cheated and didn’t love me anymore. I’m tired of covering her reputation when she is flat out lying to the kids.

And all I can think of is what is she telling the parents on the PTA or at my sons baseball team right now. She’s on the prowl and can only substantiate the divorce to them by tearing me down.

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