9/21/14 – I Wouldn’t Date Him He’s a Moron

Some things still amaze me. I’m never quite sure where her head is at. I know part of today was just her embarrassment, and unwillingness to get her hands dirty in front of other people. The other part I just have no clue if she is just making small talk or really is lost on what normal social behaviour is.

At my son’s baseball game there is an incident in the outfield. Another kid grabs the ball in front of son and my son proceeds to tackle him to get the ball away. Eventually all the coaches go over and split them up and my son starts running off the field. I ask Hunter if that was our son as I am also trying to keep an eye on daughter at the same time and Hunter says yes. Of course she doesn’t move because she is the score keeper. So I go and see what’s up and my son is yelling and screaming and kicking an S series to get me away. I finally get him removed from the vehicle into the empty parking spot next to it and start restraining him as he is now hitting kicking and spitting at me while still trying to kick the Mercedes.

He had butts me over and over again until I finally start restarting him with my elbow behind his head and his neck as well. I don’t like doing that as it can hurt if I have to put too much pressure on it to prevent him hurting him or me. One actually connects enough to make me a little woozy, and he starts screaming about having someone call the cops on his bad dad who is hurting him. A beautiful blonde is watching the whole thing and actually comes by once to check on him, and starts looking at me when he starts yelling about calling the cops. When she stopped by I told her he’s on the spectrum and this happens sometimes. Her response was “that’s ok.” Like she knew what the fuck was going on. Just leave me alone to take care of my kid and go be petty for your husband.

As he finally starts calming down someone pulls up in a couple of spaces over and I can hear the dad on the phone telling someone that “son is here.” He uses his real name and I’m sure he knows my son and his issues from a previous team. His son is staring at me and my son and my son is going on and on about feeling sick. That he is about to throw up. I tell him he is hyperventilating and he asks what that means. I explain the oxygen in the blood and why it’s important to hold his breath. He finally does and he starts coming out of things. Afterwards he wants to go to his mom’s house.

I text Hunter and let her know we are going to her house and to send our apologies to the coach for ditching out early. He knows me and my son so I’m sure he gets it. I’m sure he doesn’t like it, but he gets it.

When we get over to her house things are good. He’s drawing and drinking some lemonade and in a relatively good mood. When Hunter pulls up I can see something in his eyes. I ask him what’s up? He’s scared mom is going to be angry with him. I tell him that I will stay as long as he needs me to. I go outside and let Hunter know what he is feeling and she tells me she is angry. I tell her to chill out, and she says fine. However, I can see that’s just her hope not her reality.

Inside things are going ok so far. She takes it easy on him and daughter is playing a little bit. We talk a little about what happened afterwards, and the blonde that was watching me. She tells me she was lucky it was me and not her or she would have told her to mind her own business in not a nice way.

I ask her to stop being score keeper so that I’m not the only one having to deal with his issues alone. Then she starts to complain that she doesn’t ever get to do what she wants with him, and I can see he is heart broken. I know Hunter has made a lot of comments like this over the last few months. How embarrassing he is for her. How she doesn’t get to do what she wants or work or live the life she wants because of him. It’s a fucked up situation for him. He is never going to improve his self esteem with that from his mom. I try and tell him how good looking he is and how smart he is and once we get these issues out of the way, he will have girls lining up to swoon over him. Hunter tells me that will never happen. I tell her he could be valedictorian, and she makes a yeah sure comment.

The amazing part of all this was her comments regarding one of the dad’s. She had mentioned that she was trying to figure out a particular couple because she didn’t get if they were married or not. The guy is sitting down at the end of the bench she and our daughter and one of her friends are on. My daughter and her school friend are watching movie on an iPad. The dad had two little girls with white hair, and one is my daughter’s age. I ask my daughter if she knows her and she says no. Hunter does a big stretch, and checks him out.

At her house I ask if that was the guy she was trying to figure out if they were married. She says yes and proceeds to tell me that they hadn’t brought the two girls before, just the boy on the team. She starts going on about him and trying to understand the marriage dynamic and the the kids. I make a comment that I would say he wasn’t married or at least separated, and that he could be her next boyfriend since he is in good shape. She makes a comment about how she had heard him talk and there’s no way she would date him. He’s a moron. I tell her that she could tell him to just to be quiet and look pretty. She gives me a look. I yell upstairs to get my daughter and I say that mom is done talking about her trying to find a boyfriend, and Hunter stops right in front of me and I almost run into her as she is taking her deep breaths.

It just cracks me up that she is completely missing the point that I’m making fun of her infidelity and inability to be in a monogamous relationship until I bring in the kids. Does she really think that I want to hear about her going on about guys she wants on my son’s team? And to complain about not getting to be score keeper because of my son’s issues? Aren’t we supposed to be doing this for him? No, we are here to give her a reason to find a new boyfriend

Unfortunately all of us are just pawns in her mind to be used to get her what she wants and now son is interfering with it. I was interfering with it last year because cheating on me again would cause guilt and besides shouldn’t she keep all her money?

I’m guessing things didn’t go well this afternoon with him since there was no call. When things go real bad there is no call because Hunter doesn’t want son to tell me.

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