10/1/14 – Who Cares About Anyone Else

More shit different day. All I wonder is where her head is at sometimes. Our nanny is having heart issues and needs to go to urgent care to get it checked out and all Hunter thinks about is what to do since she has work and PTA tonight. Her call to me is can I watch him if I’m in North County.

When I say no then she goes on about her meeting tonight and how tired she is due to year end close last night. No prayers or sympathy for Debbie. No thoughts of how she is doing.

When I pick up my son she takes me aside and asks if I can talk with my parents about Thursday because again “I can’t take him.” The implication is that “I” is me not her and therefore my issue. Still the only thing she says about Debbie is that she hasn’t texted her back about Thursday. Debbie hasn’t texted me about how she is doing. The day care duties are secondary to her health but that’s why I’m worried about my income and Hunter is never worried about it since it’s the only thing she is ever concerned with.

I texted her sister in law to see how she is doing after her fractured pelvis and she tells me her youngest daughter broke her arm. I ask the kids tonight if they know what happened to their cousin and they say know. I actually know more about her family then she does and I question why that is.

Then again she was fifteen minutes late tonight and almost 30 minutes later than usual. Needless to say that doesn’t work well with my son. He eventually runs off and hides outside until she arrived which means my daughter is locked in my apartment alone for ten minutes.

Not that it is that long but she is under four and it is unsafe. Hunter calls me on the way over and starts going on about how the new principal wanted to talk etc etc. All in thinking is you can just excuse yourself because of your kids. All of the other groups / meetings I have people do it all the time. When you have kids you have other responsibilities and everyone understands. But not Hunter this is her social life and her hunting grounds (like baseball and work) and there is no way to change her mind about what her priorities should be.

And I have to spend the rest of my life walking on eggshells for her? I need to reread that book again and find out what’s going on and start implementing strategies again once the agreement is prepped and signed.

I have not been late to a single pickup. I’m generally early and leave early so the kids can have bath routine without keeping them up later then necessary. It keeps things easiest for them even if I have to work at night or in weekends. Why she can’t do the same I will never know?

I can’t wait for this nonsense to end! At least Debbie got back to me and she is OK. Funny she told me she told Hunter but Hunter hasn’t told me. Then again maybe she didn’t like my text asking her to be at my place at 7:45 from now on even if she had to leave her meeting early. I wonder what she would say if I asked where the MSA was at because I’m sure it would be no where…

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