10/2/14 – Shut The Fuck Up And Wait

Fuck I’m still pissed off. I heard her yelling at my son last night after she picked them up. I was taking out the trash and she must have been twenty parking spots away but I could still hear her yelling at him about running off. All I can think about was there something I did that set her off?

Yeah I was pissed off so I didn’t say much if anything to her when she finally arrived. She is just someone that flies off the handle emotionally. That’s just par for the course with a Borderline.

Of course it doesn’t help that she hasn’t sent anything to the attorneys as of last night. I see a flurry of emails from Hunter this morning that were sent last night around 10:20 pm. Several on scheduling, a couple on taxes and returns which I do for free, and one to the attorney with our changes and a request for a call to make it a separation agreement instead of a MSA.

I knew she wouldn’t do it right away. As usual I needed to piss her off to get her to move on anything. At some point I am going to get my check and bounce back to Orange County and watch her stumble. Part of me wants to watch her fall on her face this busy season just so she knows that she caused all this.

I know that’s not a healthy mentality, but neither is having to constantly take care of scheduling and rescheduling since heaven forbid she actually sticks to what we agree upon in advance. If you don’t agree to it then she’s never at fault. If you did agree on it then yell until you get your way. I’m tired of dealing with this right now.

My son said last night he wants more time with me and wished his mom and I were together (which I told him we couldn’t), then he tells me he wants us to alternate days living at her house. Pretty smart kid to figure that out, but not possible.

Great the paralegal says we have to come back in for a meeting before any changes to the agreement. That means a minimum of three weeks before the meeting, and if later than over a month since I will be traveling and then she will have her 10-K filling. Then another three weeks to get an updated draft another month for revisions and then she gets two months to buy me out. The soonest will be end of the year, and likely February / March before I get my money and walking papers. All so I get to watch her try and get hit on by every guy in my son’s baseball program and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than me because she always concentrated on her career and earnings and I took care of the family.

Plus the founding partners made an announcement at our expense reimbursement policy meeting that since cash flows are so low that they may suspend payments to equity partners to make payroll. Unfortunately that means me too, even if they have already taken out too much for the year I still get screwed. I don’t even know how that would work from a spousal support perspective, but I’m guessing it would cause a problem with Hunter even if I tried but didn’t get anything. That would hold up the entire process for least another six months.

I guess I have a right to be so angry with God right now. That dude is sure making my life miserable. This morning I told Him He needed to show me a sign or I walking away from this religious shit altogether. I should have stayed in industry and dumped Hunter along time ago. Why bother having kids if you don’t have the money to see them and you get your life wrecked by some psychopath?

I guess sometimes signs come in strange ways or at least I will take it that way. I obviously have been told by Creator to shut the fuck up and wait. I will definitely have to remember this when things get tough soon…

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