10/5/14 – Better To Save One Than No One

Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair. My son is in his room crying because I won’t let him watch Clone Wars for the third time this weekend. His mom is keeping score for his baseball team without him playing because “this is her day and she shouldn’t have to take care of him when it’s not her turn.” “She shouldn’t have to fix everything when it’s not her day.” Which I agree but it hardly seems right to pretend your child is invisible because you want to pretend to be the cool soccer mom in front of all the dads by being score keeper.

He didn’t really want to play in the first place but we wanted to see how he would do on the Abilify. He had a couple of issues and needed restraining during one of the games which I did because she wouldn’t move. He always talks about not wanting to play and with a different time and hot weather today I new it wasnt going to be easy. The problem is with Hunter. She isn’t checking texts or taking phone calls from me for whatever reason. She always goes to “I don’t keep my phone on me 24-7,” although it’s in her back pocket when she says it. Then it’s “I’m busy getting ready I don’t have time to check messages while I’m driving,” but I sent them 25 minutes ago and she is only three miles away and all of the baseball stuff sits in the truck so she doesn’t have to think about it. I know this because she pointed it out last week.

The worst part is sitting there listening to her go on and on about how I always call her. I haven’t called her in a couple of months since he has been on the Abilify. I haven’t needed to. She has been the one with the problems and had called me to help her. The whole hypocrisy of the situation is when it was her “day to watch him” and he ran off the field and had to be restrained it was me doing it not her. So where is the logic in that. Everything is a lie and another one to cover up the previous lie, etc, etc, etc.

Now that my daughter has a new best friend at school and the mom likes Hunter, Hunter is getting aggressive regarding our daughter. The whole argumentative statement that son will just go trick-or-treating with daughter and her friend is frustrating. If it’s my year to plan than shouldn’t what I say go? Not now that Hunter sees a woman with no friends who also just moved here and likes Hunter. Now she can be aggressive as long as Hunter gets to make a friend. If this is like the last three plays dates my son and daughter have had I’m sure the friendship won’t last between Hunter and the mom. Then again those mom’s had other friends so I’m sure Hunter is seeing an emotionally vulnerable person to exploit. The sad part is if Hunter goes there, as soon as she has found my replacement she will dump the mom as in the past with her other few friends.

And I’m tried of hearing that she volunteered to be score keeper before we changed up the schedule, and was free on Sundays to what she wanted without having any responsibility for the kids. She knew we were changing up the schedule before she volunteered, but I hadn’t completed the calendar so she knew she would be busy.

Then the whole thing when I called her out today on checking out the dad and calling me disgusting. She’s the one making a skank out of herself and projecting guilt on me. She is seriously going to have issues with the kids in a couple of years and I won’t be around to bail her out anymore.

I hate to go back to the old schedule with the kids since our system seems to be working out better for both of the kids, but maybe that’s what needs to be to stop Hunter’s excuses. Unfortunately that’s really all its about right now is Hunter’s need for some new guy to take care of her, and to not have to deal with our son. Any excuse to use our daughter as the friend finder and boyfriend magnet.

I even spoke with my son today and he said he would rather move with me to Orange County and try a new school with new teachers than to stay with his mom. That is an unimaginable change for a child with routine issues, and for him to actually say it means something is changing in him.

I tried to get him to open up this morning, but he still doesn’t like to. I’m guessing I will try and do that next week at night before bed and see if that is a better time. But things may change in a month. Maybe I will end up with my son and not my daughter. I guess better to save one than no one.

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