10/8/14 – Lunar Eclipse

I generally don’t buy into horoscopes. The ability of the mind to create an anticipated future is to strong, plus how can three or four sentences apply to 1/12 of the world’s population. It doesn’t make sense that our realities could so easily be shaped by the timing of our birth.  I would think the place of our birth and to who we entrusted to when we were born would be more relevant.  So the fact that I am reading into this lunar eclipse and all of the emotional reactions related to an unforeseen event with partners seems a bit fortuitous for the astrologers.

On the way out to close a proposal the managing partner lets me in on the secret that our biggest firm client is going out for bid since an IB invested in the business and wants a bigger name in the game.  In total that’s 10% of our total revenue out the door if we are not able to retain the client, and I don’t think that the invitation for us to propose was more than window dressing.  Normally I would be hitting the rough right now with worry and fear, and there is still a bit of that going on in my head, but there isn’t anything I can do about it and staying silent and approachable by everyone is the only way to go.  At least I am still getting work done and tax returns out the door.  Even got some consulting done and a win for the firm, but the small client doesn’t come close to what we have lost due to M&A or clients outgrowing us.

The hardest part will be keeping a positive outlook over the next week as I have several networking events to go to and I need a positive persona to at least start the connection process so maybe I find a new livelihood.  And all of this before noon.  I wonder what the second half of the day will bring…

Nothing interesting tonight. Just an easy going evening with the kids. I don’t understand anymore how Hunter has such problems with them every week.

Get there early, dinner, Break the Ice, Memory, an episode of Clone Wars and there is Hunter at the door. No crying, screaming, yelling or tantrums. Just love attention and harmony. Maybe I’m living in the lunar eclipse and the real world is on the other side…

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