11/8/14 – Updating Son’s Meds

So far the Ritalin withdrawal has ended and son is no longer falling asleep in class. He is mostly just bouncing off the wall.

This morning he ran off because he didn’t want to do swim lessons then flipped out. I got him back inside to give him the Ritalin again and he kept spitting them out. I hold his nose to force the mouth open and he almost falls out of the chair so I grab him and lay him on the group and yell at him to take the medicine.

I hate yelling at him but I’m losing my patience with the anger and spitting this morning, but everything shocks him enough to take the meds.

He refuses to swim, but got into a good mood by mid -morning. Obviously he needs the meds…

After errands I drop him off at mom’s and take daughter to a birthday party. Things go well, but it’s tough to pretend that things are good. Ask what I do and I tell you the historical persona. Talk about mom not wife. Acknowledge that others are not going to your daughters party next week and things are awkward. Mostly mom’s – all married, only a couple of dad’s and most of them were family of the birthday girl. At least my daughter had fun.

The rest of the day goes fine. Play, nap, dinner, shower, movie, bed. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Not sure I will have time to call the recruiter back until Monday.

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