11/9/14 – Sons 3U Out

Maybe it’s my paranoia or just habit but I feel the distortion campaign is in affect again. With son on full meds it still took an hour to get him to baseball. While there no one is really talking to me. I know that I am not looked at positively with all the fighting between her and I but there are always a couple of people that will talk to me. Except today.

I know they are all staying neutral but to listen to them talk about how they knew Hunter wasn’t going to be there and that they brought snack although we were signed up to it makes me wonder. Hunter said she mentioned it last game. I was there and she didn’t. I’m guessing that she either is dating one of the guys or email / text / called and talked with them. I’m sure she talked poorly about me since it’s a habit she can’t break because it gives her a sympathy card to play and gain friends while not having to admit her failures and home wrecking activities.

Even the one coach and his wife who are supposed to help me buy a home aren’t talking to me, and I’ve known the coach for almost three years. If she is doing that shit again I know it will ramp up after tomorrow when I tell her I am tapping her for supports. She will flip her lid.

Otherwise, the game went great. Son got a hit at every at bat, asked nicely to sit out when he wanted a break, made an out (3u) at first unassisted, and caught an overthrown ball right after.

It was amazing to see everyone clap for him when he made the out. He even jumped and down to celebrate his accomplishment. That is a memory that I will treasure for a long time. There are so few times when he celebrates his own success that it was wonderful to see. He deserves more times like that. I hope he gets them one day!

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