11/18/14 – Time To Move On

Still messed up in the head this morning, but I need to move forward. Sent out a few follow up emails to referral sources and am hoping to hear back from someone soon. After breakfast I will go get a couple of suits tailored. Never thought I would need those again. Then meet with Ben and workout. I need to keep pressing forward. I even meditated this morning and yesterday before the dinner but I should just not spend anytime in her presence. It’s time to talk about finishing up this divorce whether she likes it or not.

Played a lot of music and made myself dance around. Motion creates emotion and one of my four MIA references emailed me back this morning so I am getting a meeting scheduled next week.

Still really hating Hunter but I’m meeting with Ben (hopefully he has some words of advice) and I have my suits in my trunk so I can get them altered after the meeting.

The talk with Ben was helpful. Made me look at it as another grieving process – another loss – and the various steps to the process in light of the loss from the divorce.

Getting the suits tailored cost a lot less than expected (thankfully the Men’s Wearhouse free lifetime tailoring took care of most of it).

May actually go to my church group this week.

Tomorrow I need dress socks, a new set of sheets, and a present for my daughter. It still pisses me off that my ex told my four year old that the party was a gift when she was looking for a gift from us. That and she said at dinner that the best part of her birthday was the family together for it and Hunter didn’t even seem to care how horrible she is to everyone.

After I make her sign the MSA I will brouch her mental health issues one last time to see if I can get her into the DBT program 8 miles from her office. Prayers on that and I good job in Orange County for me.

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