11/20/14 – More Life Lessons

I blew off my meetings and met with Ben and laid it all out. Best advice was avoid as much contact as possible. If I feel the need to reach out to call or text someone else. So I elect my sister. I leave her a voice mail and her know and then text her about the peppermint shake now available at chick-fil-a. She texts back how much her son will love it.

I take a small nap and get ready for my book club which is cancelled but I don’t get the message. I start going into a mental rant and then hear I wasnt the only one that missed the message.

Another life lesson to not take things personally, be present in the moment, and accept the world as it is not as I read into it.

Tomorrow there is work to do, people to meet, and resumes to send out. I might also look into different Buddhist groups in the area and maybe get my head straight that way..

2 thoughts on “11/20/14 – More Life Lessons

  1. Thanks – I thinks it’s programming. After a long enough time frame we get into habits (good and bad) and during emotionally stressful times we default to our habits instead of what our conscious thoughts know are best but more painful for us in the short term. I think coming to terms with my sister that I would be using her as a new habit as well as one of my friends will give me a new pattern to replace the old habit with. I will also put you in the rotation and thank you for your willingness to help!. I hope you have a great holiday next week. John


  2. Im not sure what it is about those times of feeling low that suddenly our heads get clouded and we really miss those bad relationships and want contact. Maybe its familiar, maybe that type of chaos is easier than the chaos of not knowing the future? But I do know its normal, and part of the breaking away process, which seems to take longer than you would logically think it would. What I have learned about me is that when I start feeling that pull, it means I’m either feeling lonely, fearful, or sometimes just tired, but if I dont act on it, and find other ways to self soothe, I can move past it. If you ever have a need to reach out, drop me a note. Fellowship can really help

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