11/23/14 – She Is The Master Manipulator

So far Sunday is Star Wars Rebels day. Can’t say that Hunter isn’t right when she calls me lazy on a day like today. I woke up late, ate crap, and currently watching the dvr recordings of the new show. It’s definitely not Clone Wars but it seems to be a fairly good show. Disney has done well with the couple of episodes I’ve seen. However, when I cancel the u-verse there goes the show for my kids.

At least the last three days I have meditated and worked out. I’m not eating properly, so the weight isn’t down but at least I can see more tone and definition in the arms and chest. It amazes me how quickly my body can get into shape if I push it properly.

I still need to make appointments for the shin and ankle. The shin pain is getting a little worse on the elipticals and I can’t run anymore. The ankle is hit and miss and the knee needs the compression sleeve more than I like. Hopefully once everything is settled, rehabed and a little more weight is off, and more muscle is built the left leg will be back to “my age” normal. The right hip is hurting again but I’m sure that’s just the bursitis. Wow – just writing that list down makes me feel old and tired. Need to get intense about changing my eating or money won’t matter in a few years as I’ll be on perm disability.

Yesterday dropping my daughter at swim was tough. Couldn’t stand being around Hunter so I split early. Not sure where the hate came from but it wasn’t bearable.

Since I found out that the spousal support wouldn’t last as long as I thought with a potential vocational hearing I reran my Budget and sent Hunter and email but honoring our agreement to not sign anything until we both agreed on the document but I wanted the support meeting in December for planning 2015. She never responded.

I guess my daughter had a bday party to go to with a friend. I find it funny that Hunter wants to babysit Son when I take daughter to a party but she always takes them both. She does it under the guise that he needs socialization, but I think it is her way of avoiding real conversation with others. If you have to take care of son you can’t get too deep. Kind of like keeping score in baseball. There she can’t talk with anyone or help with son. A double win.

Yesterday afternoon was nice. I spent it hanging out and having dinner with my sister. She is still telling me to stop talking about Hunter and start planning for Christmas on my own but we are doing a joint one and I don’t want to spend a ton of money right now on fake trees and stuff. A few ornaments and lights and some hot chocolate should make for a nice time. Need to spend some time hanging up my pictures I bought a while a go since I will be in the apartment longer than anticipated. I guess it will make things more homey.

Still no word on yesterday’s email from her. I got a response on tonight since originally she wanted to divert from the plan of her having the kids until Monday and give them to me Sunday. Funny how she only responds to what she wants when she wants. I am sure it’s still a control thing. Strange her mom wasn’t at swim yesterday. I guess they were at her brothers and they are all getting together tonight. I’m sure she has talked a lot of shit about me. Even daughter said she was to her mom earlier in the week. I am sure she will have a couple of drinks and let the distortion campaign fly in full effect. I guess I just have to give up her, the kids, and the dream eventually. Like Ben says she is the master manipulator – you aren’t going to beat her so stop trying. I always talk about being honest and authentic. I guess it’s time I start being that way all the time.

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