11/28/14 – She Changed The Calendar

I know it’s a small thing, but she went into our iCloud calendar and changed this week’s schedule. She changed it this afternoon. She moved it from Monday to Monday to Sunday to Sunday. It gets her the kids Sunday afternoon instead of Monday and cuts out an evening of my time.

To be frank, that Sunday night isn’t that important, but the fact that she would go into the calendar five days into my week with the kids is outstanding. It’s like she is clueless to what she is doing and what tracking is available. If this were ever to go to court I think her credibility would be non-existent.

It amazes me what her loneliness and fear makes her do. I literally sir here and wonder what I don’t know about. What other insanity is she lying about and trying to cover up. I see the fake pregnancies with me (in hindsight) and Chris (based on her own admissions). The last “I’m late” was eight months before things started down this path. I’m guessing the first time a few months into our relationship was faked as well.

She used to tell me I talked in my sleep back then. She would ask me things and I would answer but she never got me to say I love you – just I would always take care of her. That must have been a BPD’s dream.

What a wild ride today. I wonder what other changes she made to the calendar that I wasn’t aware of…

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