12/4/14 – She’s Still A Little Errr

Yesterday and today were lazy days. I really need to get some internal motivation before I become a permanent addition to the couch. It doesn’t help that the telephone interviews I had yesterday and today do not appear to be leading anywhere. Hopefully, tomorrow’s interview will nail something down before I need to start really begging for work.

Last night with the kids was good. Hunter showed up early to pick them up. It appears the PTA meeting didn’t have enough people. I hate to laugh, but I find it interesting that every group she joins seems to now disintegrate. It wasn’t always the case and I’m sure it won’t always be that way in the future. Then again once she has my replacement she won’t be joining any groups. Just plotting her time away from the kids.

When she came in I let her hang out so the kids could finish they Star Wars Rebels. She seems upset at the fact that her meeting was short and now has to wait for them. Of course daughter goes into “I want to stay with daddy” mode and starts to have a tantrum. This isn’t helping Hunter.

On her way out I go to get the mail and hear her screaming at them about not getting movie on Friday and never getting TV anymore “if it’s that important to you”. Got to love a mom who has then fifteen minutes of a day and can’t handle it. I’m guessing it’s less and less yelling by her as the kids seem a little more relaxed about it. As my son puts it “she is still a little errrr.”

Tonight I have the kids again and tomorrow I  interview for a new job. Hope I get it. I think it would be a good fit although frustrating at first. At least it would be close and free parking. It’s been a long time since I wasn’t I’m control of my work life, but it would be great to be busy again. If not – I think i will learn to surf…

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