12/12/14 – Why Lie?

This is what always confuses me? Why lie about a phone? She told me she was going to get the new one. She told me once she got it she would get texts. I’m not sure I believe that she wouldn’t get the texts before hand but it could be plausible when using a temp phone. But with a new phone I know she got the text.

I saw the new charger today watching my son. I texted her about Skyping with the kids and she called. She doesn’t always call on a Friday and its been a while since we are not supposed to according to the MSA. Fridays and Saturdays are exempt, but if she got the new phone and the text why lie about it on Skype? There is no reason for it. No phone, no text. I sent her an email asking if she liked it and can I have her old iPhone charger. No response. Probably it will get ignored until I pick the kids up tomorrow.

That’s getting to be the last part of my mind. The constant puzzle of lies to unravel. I’m not even sure if I was always this way or if she just put my paranoia into overdrive.

It doesn’t help my sister isn’t really talking to me since I told her yesterday it wasn’t appropriate to yell at me over a minimal comment regarding spousal support from Hunter when thinking about job prospects. She blamed me for bringing Hunter up but I finally reminded her that she is in charge of her actions. Today I texted her that I would like to have a 2 min rule when it comes to Hunter. If I mention her for less than 2 minutes my sister ignores the comment. If greater than 2 minutes than she gently tells me she loves me but that she is not the person to talk to about Hunter. No response.

I get it she hates her and what she has done to me and everyone in my family. Especially all the lies Hunter is telling her family, but my sister needs to forgive her to if she is going to let go of the hate. Ignoring it doesn’t work. To heal you need to forgive. Something that Hunter can’t do for others or herself. So why would my sister want to live that way too?

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