1/10/15 – Why Does She Need To Talk To Me?

I’m not sure why Hunter needs to talk to me. There isn’t anything we need to talk to about. I’m pretty sure after Wednesday that if I were her I wouldn’t talk to me. I’m pretty sure after Wednesday that if I were Hunter I would assume that I wouldn’t ever want to talk to her. Not Hunter, she wants to chit chat when I pick up the kids. I didn’t even get within five feet from the front door and intentionally asking the kids to get their bags to avoid talking to her.

Instead she brings out the bags and starts talking about what they did that day. The kids can do that just fine. To cut the conversation short I ask for an update on the refi on the house. That irritates her and she goes inside. To make matters worse the paralegal never got back to me on the msa like she said she would so I had to make a second request. On top of that, my son starts going on about how some guy at the park was “trying to be mom’s boyfriend.”

Who knows how accurate what he says is. I talk with mom’s at the park all the time and I almost never see single people there, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Hunter was hunting for my replacement again after Wednesday. Then again if she did have something going on then I would expect her to treat me worse as she has always done I the past.

Today was nothing wonderful but I am certainly getting my minds thoughts at least formulated to help release me from Hunter. I just need to continue to reinforce the proper story to become free. In the end I am here because I was so miserable that my subconscious forced my freedom. It’s painful, but maybe if I find a job out of the region I can also find some peace of mind.

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