1/12/15 – I Guess She Didn’t Move The Divorce Forward

Obviously a full 150 mg of Nuvigil is too much. I am hopping all over the place and jumping the gun on something at the new job. Not that it’s not worth pushing on, but there seems to be a strong lack of technical knowledge to help get me basic answers on transactions that took place over a year ago and I’m supposed to be on the hook for things. A couple of hours of research later and I’m getting through the big issues, but I don’t like how I handled it. Need a little less energy – stick with half a pill from now on.

Before I started dropping the kids off Mondays she never made the bed. Then again the kids always tear it up for nap time and other things, but she never made it. Now it’s made and with brand new covers and pillows. Obviously, the new obsession for her mind is shopping. At least it is a more productive habit than alcohol and inappropriate sex. And no one has to worry about the money. Besides she has nice taste. One of the things missing in my life – the feminine touch for decor.

Plus she is always gone when I get there and I first started getting there right before 7am. I would be surprised if she left that early. It hurts thinking she has moved on so quickly, but I’m also assuming she was with someone this summer as well, and as a Borderline she needs someone to take care of her more than most people. But then again she is acting nicely to me so I would assume that she isn’t seeing someone right now. My son says she met someone at the park on Saturday that “she wants to be her boyfriend.” You never know with her. Always some small amount of deception in her words.

Still sucks! At least I worked out this morning and didn’t think of her almost at all while working out. Just thinking about people to connect with down here.

What’s even more aggravating with Hunter is that the paralegal got back to me and there is no movement since November. Thankfully she emailed both myself and Hunter. I texted her to see if she can talk this afternoon or evening but she hasn’t gotten back to me. Since I also did not hear from her on the refi, I’m guessing there was no movement there too. Then again all of our 2013 tax documents are missing.

I so want a do over in life…a pure mulligan!
Finally got a text from her and she is filing the 2013 tax docs (I guess she will handle the audit if there is one), and we will talk after the kids are in bed about the MSA and refi. I hope she just sends an email.

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