1/18/15 – Stop Touching Me

Picking up the kids was interesting. As usual I get there and the kids run out to say hi. I give them each a hug and hello and then ask them to get their bags. They go inside and Hunter comes out with my son’s bag saying they don’t have enough hands to carry their bags and sweatshirt. Daughter brought out her bag, but Hunter also wanted to send a sweatshirt with her which she brought out. Obviously she completely disregarded the sweatshirt she packed for our daughter in her bag. Anything to get contact. She even made sure our hands touched even though I tried to move my hand to avoid it. At the same time she is trying to look me in the eye.

I wish she would find another prop to protect her instead of me. I wish she would go hunt down Chris and ruin his life again instead of making mine miserable.

Another monster fight. All I wanted was to alternate Friday and Saturday nights is I get a little time away, and she said no. It would interfere with her work and back and forth. Basically it would ruin her Friday night nothing but movie night and sandwiches for the kids so she can drink and what do I do with them.

And she never told her family she cheated on me. Much less the faked pregnancies, or faked suicides, and using me for a decade. I really hope she dies. I know she wants me to kill myself and I just wish she would die. She doesn’t deserve happiness or joy or love until she makes due for what she has done to me. I know it’s not the right thing to think or the right thing to wish for but God is supposed to take vengeance for me but he hasn’t. He just gave her more money and gave me another crappy job. She gets to date and no one wants to date me. I deserve a better life than this. God how long do I have to wait.

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