1/21/15 – She Wants Spousal Support

Picked up the petition for dissolution from the attorneys. Still funny to see her as the petitioner. As much as she is the one wanting it I am the one pushing for it. Also found it funny that she is petitioning for spousal support and to deny me support.

The paralegal said it was standard, but there is a box for the court to determine that for both parties at a later date. I’m really trying not to text or email her and hammer her for all of this. The more and more I go through all of this the more likely I feel I will need to leave like Chris and her high school sweetheart did. She will continue to hammer me and blame me behind my back as she has been doing for years. All of those lies and abuse and all I get is a psycho ex wife who is high profile enough in this tiny town that the truth will never come to light.

I’m still amazed that she hasn’t told her family the truth. I shouldn’t be, but she cried and screamed and tried to make me feel so horrible about her having to tell her family. And it was all lies to them. Surprised it took me so long to figure it out and make her finally admit it. I wish there was someone to let everyone know without me being the crazy or bad guy, but I don’t think so. I think she won again, and my children will suffer because my family won’t talk about it in front of them and her family will think that I have been lying to the kids about it since that what happened when her Uncle. Nothing in the her family is truth or love, kind or generous.

At least Hunter is starting to part with a little money to make the kids happy. Son knows the truth because he is very rule oriented and once he knows the truth from me he repeats it. I think my daughter will have the harder time with things because she is much more worldly oriented. Plus she’s a girl and it’s that time of life for little hands to want everything.

I just hope my little comment regarding her taking all the toys away was parental abuse in this state made her stop. I don’t know if it is true or not, but whenever that sinks into her head and the rage comes up she will need to redirect it somewhere else if she thinks I can take the kids away with her insanity.

At least writing this has taken away some of the need for retribution. Just hope it stays that way.

I didn’t get angry or emotional in front of the kids tonight. Just made sure Hunter was being nicer to them which she is. Daughter wanted to show me she got a few of her things back. Still pissed she did that to our little girl. When she picked up the kids she tried to say goodnight but I held my tongue.

Then again I wonder what that strange man at the door was. He said his name was Bill I think and that he was from some food delivery place. The van was parked outside between Hunter and the neighbors house. When I left a few minutes after he was at the door he was waiting outside between the neighbors and the house next to it. When he saw that I saw him there he walked away. Hunter was waiting in her car outside. Not sure if they were connected or not. I would hate to think she is dating that guy. He is older heavier and uglier than me. She can do better.

I texted her to find out how long she waited outside and she didn’t get back to me (as I would expect). Funny I held my tongue on the petition and still nothing.

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