1/22/15 – Projecting Again

I miss them so much. It’s so unfair that she gets to keep them so much because of my son’s issues. I keep asking for more time and she keeps telling me no. Then she tells me I’m the mean person by bringing up the fact that she wouldn’t let me have them 50/50 because she wanted money. Then it’s I’m hanging up because the MSA says this and that. It also talks about not interfering with my relationship with the kids, but she constantly manipulates them. Tonight she told my daughter that she could have a show after the call so she wanted off. Then I wanted the call back a few minutes later but she is already in bed. She basically lied to my daughter to emotionally leverage her to not talk to me. It’s subtle but with her BPD it’s easy to see.

It must be horrible over there with her constantly yelling at them. She told me they rarely get s second show at night because they don’t behave well enough. I never have that problem. It’s all her. It’s all hell for the kids. Where is my God when I need him to save me and my children?

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