2/2/15 – Falsifying Documentation

The good part of life is I know where she buried the bodies, and I know how to get a hold of them. The bad part is having to deal with her insanity. I knew that mentioning I had notes would set her off. Now I see she has backdated some notes and started the distortion campaign again. From her notes it sounds like she told her mom and brother that she was afraid I was going to shoot her. I’m sure she completely ignored that she has my shotgun and rifle and the ammunition related to it. I’ve seen Fatal Attraction, it’s the women who boils the bunny.

I took video and pictures of the texts that I had. Funny how she started taking notes on 1/21. The day after she signed the dissolution petition. Obviously, that’s when things went into overdrive in her head and started to prep for things.

I wish I hadn’t thrown away so much of her stuff now. Maybe things will cool down in a few weeks once the MSA is signed and the house transfer starts. More likely it will get worse again and she will stall on signing to try and manipulate the system. I should keep separate notes, but I’m not interested in bifurcating my life.

The weekend was a little tough. Son had a meltdown at church because he didn’t want to stay for communion. I texted Hunter what happened and that if she wanted them to go to church she would need to figure something out. Her solution – she pick him up and take him and then give him back. It’s bad enough that she is now volunteering at the church. I’m sure she is spreading lies again like last time.

I let her know I think that is too disruptive and we will stop going for a while and revisit going to church at a later date. I’m guessing she didn’t like the response and went somewhere for a Super Bowl party. I guess her comment on “I didn’t know it was this Sunday” was another lie to continue her poor little me mindset, or she talked herself into hanging with her brother.

Son still had a hard time after church as well. He was able to go on the walk, but he had a meltdown be has so couldn’t play with him while making dinner. Eventually I had to restrain him. He fought hard this time. I am wondering if the bad times with Son and Hunter’s issues are related. Like this last summer when I started taking videos of him saying she kicked Daughter and then all hell broke loose. Now things are getting close to the end again and she is falsifying shit and Son is having issues with me.

I guess it’s time to give in to the routine and get everything behind me. McDonald’s every Wednesday to avoid a meltdown – sure. I just won’t order for me. Two mile walk instead of going to church and having to deal with issues. No worries we can go to the park afterward or the aquarium. Stay in all day afterwards drawing, playing music and games, and dinner. If it keeps everyone safe and healthy, why not?

She is mentally unhealthy, has been forever, and will continue to be that way unless she finds a way to get help. I’m getting healthier and stronger and want to keep progressing that way. God help us all!

Still no reply regarding Luke’s bday party. A few on Sons IEP measurements, but no reply on the party. I hate it when she gets this way. I have to fucking respond to everything, but she gets to pick and chose. I’m sure whatever she did yesterday gave her courage. Not sure where the paralegal is on our one change, but I’m hoping the shit is signed this week. That will throw the world into insanity for a little while, but better now than later when work is fucking insane. Then again so is she. I’m sure she will deny my offer to watch my son while she takes daughter to the party. Heaven forbid she looks incompetent. Over time people will see the truth. It will only be a matter of time before she flips out again. I just need to be away from the grenade when it goes off.

Got the updated MSA and turned it around ASAP. Hunter hasn’t looked at it yet and it’s 9pm. She did accept and reply to Luke’s bday party and my parents this weekend and several emails on Sons IEP goals. But not on the MSA. At least she is being cordial. I’m sure she is keeping notes again. Maybe she got laid or a boy toy yesterday and that is making her semi-pleasant. Just wish she would sign the agreement.

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