2/3/15 – She Has Bought Off On the MSA

A lot of email communication regarding birthday parties. That must be five parties between the two kids through February. Short and polite and arranging for time for the other parent (her or I) to watch the other child so that the guest can go unencumbered.

Still no comment on the MSA. I know she saw my approval since she was copied on the email. Not sure why she is stalling. It must be emotional if she has time for all of the party issues but not the divorce stuff. She, like I, have enough experience to review docs after changes. I am even giving up on some items (like we are supposed to have 11 years from the date of divorce, but when it was a post-nuptual agreement it was date of separation and supposed to be 12 years, but it stayed 11 on date of separation like she wanted), and I’m not busting her chops on the monthly income because it doesn’t include her bonuses. The tax returns will prove that. So why stall?

Is she trying to get me to get angry again to force her to move forward or does she not want to come to the reality of her past.

I don’t know but I don’t care anymore. I just want it done and in the past. She can be as psychotic as she wants to be as long as I’m no longer the target.

2pm and a couple more emails regarding parties and IEP and nothing on the MSA. I hope she is good enough to get it done tonight so I don’t have to email her tomorrow. I can’t imagine the Borderline personality enough to want to stall this anymore. I may need to go back to the I will take care of you and always love you regardless of the divorce to make this happen. I just don’t want to get overly emotional as she will take notes and potentially call the cops. That would be a fucking nightmare.

Finally at almost 5pm she emails the paralegal to make it final. Almost there. Still will need some time to mourn. Sad that my life careened off course because of Hunteri – because I chose her over me. Makes me want to cry, but there is nothing I can do. Let it go. The dream. The children. The career. The money. She has it all and she will just waste it away to fill her need to not be alone and not poor. Our children will suffer for her issues as will I and everyone around us until she finds a new target to harass or passes away. I feel sad for her, and I do hope she will find a way to make it up to my children and I. I know it’s the only way she will truly be able to forgive herself.

On to the next stop in life. Thankfully I will have a couple of coins in the pocket to make it work.

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