3/31/15 – He Runs Off Again

Thats two in two days. This one was set off by Daughter trying to “take” his Kindle. I’m guessing she was just looking. Then Hunter went ballistic when Son pushed her down and told him he couldn’t have the Kindle for a week. That’s when he bolts.

She calls me frantic telling me she is done and can’t do this anymore and I have to come help her. I pick up Daughter and drive to where she caught up with Son but they are gone. Texts and calls back and forth and it turns out they walked back home. I get there and we talk a little and I tell Daughter to go to the play room and start talking with Son. Hunter goes over and locks the front door then starts sitting on the floor by the door checked out, then she gets up and sits at the formal dining room table and has her hands in prayer formation. I’m sure she has no clue she is part of the problem, but it will only get worse unless the Abilify increase dramatically helps out.

I talk with Son for a while but he throws a few pillows and knocks over the hobby horse, and I end up restraining him because he is flipping out over not getting Kindle tomorrow because of the running off. Hunter is not even trying to be involved. She is fucked if she thinks this is how are life will go. She gets to work, get rich, Saturday nights and all Sunday’s off and I take care of her. This is going to train wreck soon, and I can’t tell who will get the worst – Hunter, Son or me. Daughter may just come out scared and nothing worse. Maybe not

What will Hunter do when I’m down south?

I’m guessing she will have to hire Debbie longer hours to help. And with my parents getting older they won’t be able to help much longer. Besides every time a kid gets a bruise when they are watching the kids I get a photo. Hunter can’t find her own help, but she sure is trying to make it harder for me to help her.

Funny she still hasn’t responded to my email on vacation. I’m sure she is starting to lose it. I’m sure my new job and potentially moving will set her off again. Not much I can do about that. Just need to keep for focused.

Just need to keep working on my body, mind, and career and let God handle the rest…

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