4/5/15 – The Last Easter

As I sit on what is now her couch in her house and stare at a Hard Rock glass from Las Vegas I just sit and stew. I don’t think it’s from her and Chris, just her high school boyfriend Patrick, but I sit and watch her pretend this is a family event. Watching Hunter try and get me to lead the activities with the kids.  Watching her pretend to have fun, but really just wanting the pictures to show the world she is normal.  

I know she is anything but normal.  A deceptive and destructive women in a 97 pound body who still continues to lie and project some version of reality to me instead of either telling the truth or just shutting her mouth. It amazes me she still thinks everything she has done and taken from me is ok.  I really want this world, but I am no longer part of it.  Time to bury the fantasy and move on South. No need to keep hurting myself or the kids.  I will talk with her tonight about the new schedule and let things work out the way they are supposed to. …

Never got around to talking with Hunter. When I dropped off the kids from dinner with my parents my daughter was asleep in the car and that wasn’t helpful. Plus she made deviled eggs and gave me some. It almost feels like she is trying something on me. Maybe just so I’m not mad maybe. I just know there isn’t much left for me to do but move on and I’m still wondering what will happen when I tell her. 

I can’t do it next week since her sister and mom are coming. I’m sure I will not be talking with them. I know how much Hunter has lied to them about things and I would just be a clear indication of the insane truth of her past that she is hiding. A truth that will eventually come out. A truth that will eventually set her free too. 

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