4/12/15 – Hunter’s Reoccuring Issue

I get a call and then a couple of texts within 20 minutes. Of course, I am taking a nap since I was way too hung over with no sleep from last night. What I get is:

I think you need to come get him. He’s trying to break my car window.

He’s sitting now.  I’ll drop him off soon.

Then she drops the kids off and she’s crying and you can feel the hate off of her.  He comes in and goes to his room. She doesn’t say a word to me. I’m sure she’s pissed I didn’t pick up the phone or help her out.  Typical shit attitude. No one is any good if they don’t help her out.  When does she help me out? Only when it benefits her.  

Son is calm and intelligent at my house.  He can tell me what happened and compromise on dinner and movie night.  He doesn’t seem to be angry or violent. Just a bit frustrated and melancholy.

Then Hunter sends me a text that son doesn’t get the Kindle tomorrow. Funny always leaving the bad news to me.  

It doesn’t help that I’ve been off diet coke and caffeine for a few days. It doesn’t help that I had one too many high alcohol content beers with J last night.  It doesn’t help that I got virtually no sleep last night too.

As I write this everyone is pleasantly watching Big Hero 6 and laughing – having a good time.  Why Hunter can’t realize that she is the biggest obstacle to their mental is a shame. At least I am getting it together. 

Can’t wait for June…

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