4/17/15 – Are You Going To Be Home Tonight?

Pretty decent day today. Had a good lunch with a friend, and made a lot of great points on the Leadership Team at my current firm. Not that it matters in a couple of months since I’ll be gone. At least the next person will have a much better opportunity for growth and bonus with what I’m doing. 

Talking with Hunter over the psychological profile for our son and his IEP triannual meeting next week. She called and wanted to talk so I called her on the drive.  At the end she asks if I am going to be home tonight if the kids want to call. She knows she isn’t supposed to call on Fridays; not sure what prompted her other than she knows my parents are watching the kids tomorrow. Then again, she – I mean the kids – haven’t called. Doubt they will since they are usually in bed by now.  

I’m not sure why she asked other than being nosey.  I guess I shouldn’t care. What is is what is. What will be well be. I just want to be the one in charge of my destiny and not her anymore.  

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