4/19/15 – Actions Are More Important Than Words

I guess there is some value in acting the right way. My friend tells me that J was completely wrong in how she handled it and proud of how I handled things. 

Last night at a dinner event I end up sitting next to A and her best friend. I roll with the comments, making jokes when it worked and just being quite when that worked better.  When her best friend asked a couple of questions and made a small comment I stayed Switzerland.  Even as A is sitting there making plans for a date later via text  and trying to be obvious enough to throw it in my face I just make comments about everyone on their phones. 

This morning I get a text apology.  Her best friend ripped her a new one this morning for being a complete “bitch” to me and since her friend is “the Queen of all Bitches.” it must be true.  

I text her “I get and it and no worries.  I’ll give you some distance in the future.  I hope the rest of your night went well and enjoy the great weather this Sunday in SD.” No response but I’m sure she will tell her best friend.  Good to finally see some positive reaffirmations from the world for my effort.  Her friend could have been a complete bitch to me, instead she backs me up.

Actions are more important in this world than philosophy.  At least it worked this time.  The message in church today was much the same. Obedience to God will be blessed. Sin will cause suffering.  The blessings and suffering may not be immediate but they will come eventually.

For her -suffering . For me blessings (again).

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