4/23/15 – No Word On The New Custody Schedule

Well today is more email flurry about schedules. This time the in-home counseling for our son. Then it’s the mix between Wednesday and Thursday’s as she insists we never decided. Maybe not, but she needed me on Thursday’s and then Wednesday’s for PTA, but she can never be wrong. Even if she has screwed up Debbie’s schedule and spring break several times in the last two months. I guess that’s ok as long as I help out. 

At the end of it all, I send her an email about alternating three day weekends starting in June so the kids can get used to it while I’m still close by. No email or text from her so far. I’m sure she would say she is “in meetings.” But I know she is selective about what she responds to. She can be in a meeting and text and email me since it’s important to her. If the subject isn’t something she wants to deal with then she won’t. 

I still haven’t heard about the retirement accounts, 529 accounts, or the money she owes me for the dividends. I’m sure I won’t unless I press for it. If it’s not in her benefit she won’t do it. Anything to keep extra money. 

I am getting to the point of never wanting to see her again. She has been such a rightous selfish bitch about everything that I am getting to the point of punishing her. It’s not right, but at some point in time you do need to fight back. Especially to those who use you and don’t even have the gratitude to say thank you. 

She is going to have one small little life if she keeps living this way. Maybe there is freedom in poverty too. Love the kids from afar where it is safe for me. 

Almost 6pm and no word on the email. I did get several texts regarding my sons dental appointment for spacers. The first step in braces. At least it went well. Funny how there just isn’t enough time for some things, but plenty of time for others. 

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