4/28/15 – Trying To Be Friends

J texted me today while she was at a marketing conference. A few back and forth texts during the day. Strange to feel her being friends. Still doesn’t feel right, but I am trying to do what is best. I invited her to a group dinner so she can start meeting some people outside of OK Cupid. She talks about wanting to meet people, but I get the sense she really just wants to date a lot of guys. Not necessarily sleep with any of them. I’m guessing those days are over for her, but at least go out and have some innocent fun. Or as she likes to put it meet a few guys and become friends with them and see where it leads. Talk about stringing people along for a while. I’m guessing at some point she will realize that she isn’t pretty or young enough to keep guys buying her meals and drinks for months without some type of reciprocity. 

A accidentally texted me today. I responded, but got nothing back so I texted her to see if there would be an issue this weekend since I would be seeing her at another dinner. She said she was getting her hair done and that she is much better now. I’m guessing that is her way of saying she doesn’t think so. I hope not. It would be great to be friends with her. That’s why I am trying to be friends with J. I can’t ask someone else to do something hard and painful unless I was willing to do the same thing. 

I guess learning to control my emotions will be a good lesson in life. Something that I never learned to do. Better late than never. There is always something to learn everyday if you love right. 

Got a simple txt from hunter on our daughters dental checkup – no cavities. I guess it’s easier with a neurologically typical child. No gas, no restraints, no screaming. Lots more teeth brushing. 

I even worked out today and still had some fun. I guess it was a good day!

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