4/29/15 – She Is The Master Liar and Manipulator

Spending the afternoon at Hunter’s house for the “intake interview” for my sons in-home counseling was as funny as it was frustrating. To listen her go on about how son does this, and son does that, but only after I say the same thing. Although she had no comment when the psychologist wondered why things were worse over than then at my place. Maybe it’s the explosive anger associated with her untreated personality disorder. Wait, it can’t be that there is nothing wrong with her. I know it’s petty, but to sit there and listen to her talk about son singing in church before he did it for me is hilarious. She has had them two Sundays in 2015 and I know she did not take him in April and he wasn’t doing that in December / January.

Then again I think I figured out that i am allergic to the cats. Spending that much time there and my eyes glowed red. I still miss those little cats…

The psychologist wants us (all four) to meet every week at her house for 1.5 hours a week. I can’t do that. I would slit my wrists if it were mandatory. I am going to have to figure out how to tactfully excuse myself. I know Hunter is excited to see me every week. You should have seen her smile. She even told my son that he would be seeing me two times a week now. Once with the psychologist and once with me as usual. It almost seemed like Hunter liked the idea of controlling me for two nights a week now that I am cutting her lose from my life.

I went home and walked for two miles then worked out for another 20 minutes. Afterwards I ate dinner. Probably two two late at 9:00, but I had not eaten since 2pm I was hungry.

Hunter just texted me and told me my mom is on Facebook and sent her a friend request. I told her she could decline it, but she said it was ok and accepted it. She wouldn’t accept mine last year after we were kissing again in August, but will my mom. Funny as shit. Why? She knows I unfriended all of her relatives, and my sister unfriended her. All I can think is that is a way to maintain control and one sided information. She can look into my life, but me not hers. She knows how to block posts from certain people, but my mom does not.

So far this day Hunter has managed to find two separate ways (by fate not choice) to maintain control and insight into my life without giving me anything. Typical Borderline abuser. Lie, cheat, steal, and maintain constant control and information without giving up any information or visibility into her life.  That is just Amazing Hunter….

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