4/30/15 – Constant Contact From Hunter

There is no shortage of communication from Hunter today. It starts with an email about my son’s at work which she forwarded from his teacher. She cuts of her original email and just send the teachers email with an FYI. Why cut off her original email? It must be unpleasant about me or about her life. Then s text about my son’s ortho appointment which he did great at. I will say the upped Abilify had been working well. Then a slow of appointments and appointment changes. I think there was at least ten separate pounds from her today. I wish she would stop fucking with the calendar – its starting to get hard to keep track of. 

Lunch with the leaders of the new firm seem to go well although I think all of us were a still a bit tired. Interesting to hear them talk about helping with running the firm. That’s usually left to more senior people with long time experience in the office. I will take it though. I think that is becoming one of my better strengths.

Dinner with the kids was easy and chill.  They picked out a couple of pieces for jewelry for Mothers Day. It’s a little more than I wanted to spend, but I would rather spend $20 more than try to explain to the kids why I don’t want to. 

Son seems happier and more manageable on the higher Abilify dose. Although he is a bit more hyper which is strange. I wouldn’t expect it. The facial ticks are gone too which is nice. All of the distracting eye scrunching seems to have faded away. 

Daughter won’t leave my side which is  frustrating, but I need to enjoy it before she doesn’t want to anymore. I know that day will come soon. 

I also want to start my new life soon. I need to give notice tomorrow and I am hoping they just cut me loose asap. I could use the extra time off, but I suspect it won’t happen. Even if I am going to a competitor. We shall see.

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